Whole Beef Shank
Whole Beef Shank
Whole Beef Shank

Whole Beef Shank

Local Black Angus Whole Beef Shank


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Ingredients: 100% Black Angus Beef
Congrats! You've just found a diamond in the rough. Beef shank is not a super popular cut, (probably because it's super hard to find) but with the right ingredients and technique it can be as tender as any other beef roast, with a crazy rich flavour that is tough to find in other cuts! Shank is typically cooked lowww and slow with liquid. We love the flavour smoking will give this beast...so we prefer to combine smoking and braising to ensure we get maximum flavour and tenderness. The reasoning behind braising a whole shank is twofold: The bone provides enormous flavour, and a braise will break down the collagen.

Check out the great video below if you're curious about cooking one of these bad boys up!