Petite Tender Filet

Black Angus Petite Tender Filet


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Ingredients: 100% Saskatchewan Black Angus Beef
Petite Tenders are one of the most tender beef muscle cuts and it's honestly "white-table-cloth" worthy! These are one of our favourite cuts. Each tender is a perfect size to feed two lighter eaters, or one person who isn't a fan of sharing. They are one of those tricky cuts that can be hard to find unless you have a kickass local meat provider like us!

We like to marinate these beauties for about 30 minutes or so beforehand, but it's a small price to pay for the taste and tenderness you'll find! Our method is to sear on the stove then finish in the oven, but you can also grill or broil.

Local Sask-raised Black Angus
Hand-carved from grain & grass-fed beef
Flash frozen after carving for perfect delivery