100% Sask Raised Meats

Tammy & Donald Williams + Grandkids

W2 Family Farms Beef

Farming is a family affair for the Williams. W2 Farms is owned and operated by Donald and Tammy Williams and their family. Located by LeRoy, Saskatchewan they've been farming and ranching for over 40 years! A career that allows you to get up at the break of dawn and watch the sunrise, while spending your day caring for the animals and the land is the best kind of career in their mind. They take pride in every aspect of their operation, and it certainly shows through the quality of their beef. A focus on animal care, biosecurity, and environmental stewardship practices are a huge part of their day-to-day operations and one the family takes very seriously. They raise Angus, Simmental/Angus cross and Charolais cattle. When you combine pride and passion in your work, along with prioritizing top-notch stewardship at all times, it results in meat that is noticeably superior from the very first bite.

W2 Farms is a VPB+ Certified producer. (Verified Beef Production Plus) Canada's beef cattle producers take great pride in their animals, their operations, the environment, and the product they raise. The Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program enables certified beef cattle operations to prove to consumers and retailers that the operation adheres to the highest standards for food safety, animal care and environmental stewardship.

Donald and Tammy- They are the ones that started W2 Farms. They love to spend time with their family. In the Winter months they like to be somewhere warm and spend some much-needed time relaxing. In the Spring/fall you will find Donald in the Corn planter or combine and Tammy running around being the gopher (delivering parts, meals, and looking after the cattle), driving the combine when needed or looking after her grandkids!

Succession planning. Gotta start em' young!
Beauty of a day on W2 Farms

Quill Creek Farms Bison & Pork

Doug and Anna Griller: Owners-Quill Creek Farms

Quill Creek Farms is situated in one of Canada's prime farming and grazing areas. It is owned and operated by Doug and Anna Griller along with Blair and Jodi Griller. They are located in Quill Lake near Watson, SK. Clean air, clean water, clean food, which results in some of the finest production available in Saskatchewan. The Griller's are firm believers of pasture management leading to healthy ecosystems and environmental stewardship, and have geared up all their facilities, staff, and equipment to maintain and exceed the goals to meet these standards. The open spaces and abundance of resources provide the perfect climate for raising sustainable herds. Combine all of this with family pride, support, and dedication from decades of experience and you have outstanding products.

The Griller Family has been in the livestock business since Doug's grandfather immigrated to Canada in the early 1900s. In 1996 they diversified into bison. Diversity in the industry gives them the ability to respond to industry needs. They are vertically integrated, from growing their own feed, to maintaining genetically diverse cow/bull groups.

Their Berkshire Pigs, Grass Fed Bison, and Black Angus cattle are all hormone free. They receive no vaccines, no medications, no antibiotics, no chemical wormers. The pigs and bison are free range.

Quill Creek Farms, LLC., is a qualified member of the Saskatchewan Meat Inspection Program. This program provides voluntary meat inspections of abattoirs and meat processing plants to enhance humane handling and food safety. Under the Domestic Meat Inspection Program, abattoirs and meat processing plants request inspection which is currently provided thorough a contract between the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc.

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Casually grazing the lush pastures of summer.