Denver Steak

Denver Steak

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Ingredients: 100% Saskatchewan Black Angus Beef
You're likely familiar with ribeye steaks and filet mignon, but have you tried a Denver
steak? This beauty is cut from the chuck but is the fourth most tender steak after the tenderloin, flat iron and ribeye cap! The Denver—also called the bottom chuck steak or under blade steak—comes from the front shoulder. The chuck sub primal is well-known for providing great, beefy-flavoured cuts, but you don’t typically think of them as grilling steaks. Cuts like the Flat Iron and Denver steak are different, though. The chuck muscle is divided by a large, blade-shaped bone. The muscles that surround this blade get less work than the rest of the shoulder, resulting in amazingly tender steaks. It’s like finding a diamond in the rough!!

Local Sask-raised Black Angus
Hand-carved from grain & grass-fed beef
Flash frozen after carving for perfect delivery