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Bison Top Sirloin Medallions

Bison Top Sirloin Medallions

Premium Bison Top Sirloin Medallions- 2 Per Pack


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Ingredients: 100% Saskatchewan Raised Bison
You'll find that bison tastes very similar to beef. Some folks assume that it will deliver a gamey taste, but it definitely does not! You won't find any aftertaste like you would with certain meats like moose. It's nice and tender, low in cholesterol and super high in protein! These beautiful gems of top sirloin and are easy to cook. Whether you opt for the grill or the stove, they'll make for a memorable meal.

When cooking, keep in mind- bison meat is realy high in iron, which provides you that great taste but if you overcook, you'll find it will taste a bit like liver. And no one really wants that. Cook these steaks at room temperature. Never straight from the fridge.

2 Per Pack
1.5-2 Inch Cut