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Bison Striploin Steaks

Bison Striploin Steaks

Bison Striploin Steaks- 2 Per Pack/1 Inch Cut


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Ingredients: 100% Saskatchewan Raised Bison
Oh man...these bison striploin steaks are a scrumptious twist on a classic NY Strip Steak. Chalk full of pure flavour. They deliver every single time. Its slightly sweet flavour and crazy nutritious profile makes this bison cut a delicious substitute if you're wanting to switch things up a bit!

Note: bison is best served medium rare. Since it has a lower fat content, it cooks quicker than beef and can be easily overcooked. Check out the video featuring Canadian Chef Claudio Aprile, giving a tutorial on how to make an amazing salad topped with seared bison striploin. So good.