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Bison Brisket

Bison Brisket

Sask Raised Bison Brisket -4.8 lbs


Approx. Weight: 4.8 lbs (76.8 oz)
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Ingredients: 100% Saskatchewan Raised Bison
Up the ante. Smoke or slow bbq a bison brisket. This brisket will definitely set you apart from the usual crowd. Absolutely perfect for the smoker or grill, lowwww and slow will magically transform this beautiful local bison cut into an extremely tender and delicious meal. Try giving it a marinade in red wine, garlic, honey, and soy sauce for some additional flavour. Or, if you're feeling real adventurous- substitute your usual beef for this bomb diggity Bison Brisket when making pastrami! Your friends and family will appreciate it.